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The Breckenridge Public School District will offer spring and summer driving sessions in 2021.  Please check this website after March 20, 2021 to sign up for a spring session.   Behind the wheel lessons will not take if there is snow and ice on the roadway.  Spring sessions fill quickly.  Summer sessions will be scheduled through the high school office.  If you do not register for a spring session, you will be contacted by the high school office to register for a summer driving session.

In order to complete the behind the wheel lessons, your student must have a valid MN driving permit.

Driving will be scheduled with individual students for three 2-hour lessons per student. If your student is more than 15 minutes late to his/her scheduled behind-the-wheel lesson, the student will be considered absent. You will need to reschedule the lesson with the driver education instructor, and you will be required to pay the school district a fee of $40 for each one-hour lesson your student is absent. Your student will not receive his/her white card until the total fee for the absence(s) has been paid.

Due to COVID-19, students and instructors MUST wear a face mask. Please bring a face mask. If your student does not have a face mask, one will be provided. Students will be required to wash hands at the school before and after the session. The vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected in-between students.  The ventilation system will be kept on at all times, and the windows will be kept down whenever possible.  The instructor will wear gloves.

To schedule your student for behind the wheel lessons in the fall or spring, please fill out THIS FORM.  After filling out this form, you will be contacted by a driver education instructor to set up a schedule for your student's lessons.


For each behind the wheel lesson, your student needs to:

· Wear a face mask and wash hands at school before and after the lesson

· Please do not wear perfume, cologne, body spray or other strong scents

· Be on time

· Bring his/her valid Minnesota driving permit

· Wear closed-toe shoes—no sandals or flip flops

· Take all medication as prescribed and wear glasses or contacts (if applicable)

· Contact Stacy Busta with any questions at .

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