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2019-2020 School Year


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Breckenridge Elementary School will be implementing Flexible Learning Days when there is no school due to inclement weather.  Through our Flexible Learning Days, students will be able to continue working on classroom learning objectives while at home.  Students will continue to excel and grow in their current levels of learning without skipping a beat.  Another plus is that students will be able to explore objectives in a different setting and build stronger relationships with parents/guardians.

Our Flexible Learning Days will replace Snow Days.  If school is cancelled due to the weather, students will continue their learning journey at home.  Students will use their personal devices at home, unless the household does not own one, to complete various activities set up by the classroom teacher.  If you do not have access to the online resources, students will have a copy of each activity choice in his or her binder.  These resources will be in all students’ binders at all times.  Copies can be made from our 3rd grade websites if needed.  All students will have 3 days total to complete the activities. Parents/guardians MUST sign off upon completion of the activities before students turn in their assignment(s).  This gives students ample time to ask their teacher questions about their assignment(s) if they did not understand what to do while working on them at home, and were not able to email their teacher for explanation.  If assignments are not completed within the three-day window, students will receive an unexcused absence for the Flexible Learning Day.

Guideline and Expectation for Flexible Learning Days:

* Attendance will be taken within two days after the Flexible Learning Day.  Students will receive an unexcused absence for not turning in their assignments on time.

* Assignments and directions will be posted on each teacher’s website by 10:00 as that day under the Flexible Learning Day tab.

* Teachers will be available via email from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm to answer questions from parents or students.





If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.


3rd Grade Teachers

Breckenridge Elementary School



Breckenridge Third Grade Flexible Learning Day

Choose 1 activity in each column to complete on each Flexible Learning Day. 

Have a parent sign the bottom and return to your teacher within three days. 






Active Learning

1.  Read to a sibling, parent, or stuffed animal for 20 minutes.  Practice reading with expression. If you can, take a picture of you reading and email it to your teacher.

6. Write 10 sentences using your spelling words.

11. Write a on a sheet of paper something to do with winter.


An idea: “The best part of winter is...”

16. Help bake something with an adult.  You should do the measuring and discuss fractions.  E.g. “what does ¼ cup mean?”  If possible take a picture and email it to your teacher.

21. Choose 2 Go Noodle activities.

2. Pretend you are the teacher and read a book to your class.  Make your voice sound like the characters voice. If you can, make a recording or take a picture of you reading to email your teacher.

7. Practice your spelling words on the website;


12. Draw a picture of your family.  Write about them.  Tell if your story is fiction, nonfiction, biography, or an auto-biography.  Remember to include the 5 Ws. (who, what, where, when, why) return your story to your teacher.

17. Complete 20 minutes of



*Email your teacher if you forgot your user name or password. 

22. Count by 5’s to 120 while doing jumping jacks and count by 3’s doing trunk twists counting until 30 and finally count by 4’s to 40 while doing mountain climbers.

3. Read a short book or part of a chapter book.  Fill out the sheet provided in your take home binder.  Return the sheet to your teacher.

8. Write your spelling words with magnet letters, or macaroni or in shaving cream or any other fun material.  If you can, take a picture of one of your words to email to your teacher.


13.  Pretend you have $20 to spend for books(chose from the book order in the packet).  Make a list of the books you would choose without breaking the bank!  Return the list to your teacher.


18. Play “Make Ten” or “Pig” for 20 minutes. 

Directions can be found on YouTube.

(make ten)


23. Sing & dance to two or more of your favorite songs.

What songs did you dance & sing to? _____________________



4. Listen to a story from Epic, Tumble Books (, or YouTube read aloud.  What story did you listen to?    _______________________


9. Write a story using some of your spelling words.   Use any paper you wish. Bring the story to share with your teacher.

14. Write a persuasive letter about something you want changed.  Write to a friend, teacher, custodian, cook or family member.  You may use the letter writing paper in the packet or whatever paper you wish. Mail it or give it to them.

19. Create a list of your day.  Include the time of day for your activities. 


E.g. Wake up: 7:34 a.m.

        Eat breakfast: 7:55 a.m.

        Brush my teeth: 8:20 a.m.


24. Help shovel snow outside with adult supervision.

5. Build a fort and read a book with a flashlight inside the fort.  If you can, email a picture of you inside your fort to your teacher.

10. Practice your spelling words with Secret Code.  Write them with a white crayon and “reveal” them with a washable marker!


15.  Make a shopping list of the ingredients you need to make a favorite recipe.  Return the list to your teacher.  Extra credit if you bring the recipe or treat you make! :)

20. Play a card or dice game to practice numbers.  What game did you play? 



25. Go outside and play for at least 15 minutes with adult supervision.


Student Name_________________________________________

Parent/ Guardian Signature_____________________F.L.D. Date____________


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