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Welcome to Studio 6!

We, Mrs. Monson and Mr. Christensen, are excited for this year in Studio 6. We can be contacted at our email address or by phone 218-643-6681 ex. 4342 . Please call either before 8:20 or after 3:15. You can also leave a message with the office for your student and they will get it to us before the end of the day. 

If you have Facebook be sure to “Like” our page as we will post information there as well! 

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Please contact us with any questions or concerns!



8:00-8:25- Breakfast- Reminder this is upstairs! 


8:45-10:00- Math

10:00-11:00- Language Arts

11:00-11:25- Gym

11:25-11:35- Band Lessons/ Read to Self  

11:35-12:30- Lunch/Recess

12:35-1:10 Band/Choir

1:15-2:45- PBL Time 

2:45-3:15- Wrap Up/ Dismissal at 3:15

**2:40- Thursday- Library **



In Studio 6 we co-teach which means both teachers are teaching to the entire group. There are times where we will be splitting up into smaller groups as well.

Students in Studio 6 will be held to high expectations in academic and social situations. Students will be expected to collaborate, communicate and work effectively with their peers to problem solve. Studio 6 will be centered around continuing to develop a growth mindset. Students will be responsible for their learning and we as teachers will be there to support them on this journey of education.


Knowledge and Skills Overview:

In Studio 6, we will continue to have PBL time as students did in Studio 5. During PBL time we will be learning social studies or science, along with math, reading, writing, and art. We will also be having a separate math lesson as well as separate reading/writing/grammar lessons to teach new skills while reinforcing previously learned knowledge and skills.  We will also be having STEAM time a few days a wekk. 


PBL is centered around the 21st century skills which include; collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. While we will be completing group work, only individual work will count towards the student's grade. There will be many opportunities during a project for students to demonstrate their individual knowledge. In Studio 6, we will be taking the emphasis off the actual letter grade that students are earning and put more emphasis on the learning process. Assignments and various projects will be centered around growth in knowledge aligning with the Minnesota 6th grade standards. 

This year students will be receiving standards based report cards rather than letter grades. Students will receive a score based on their proficiency of the Minnesota 6th grade standards. These scores are based upon the same criteria that the MCAs use: Does Not Meet, Partially Meets, Meets, Exceeds. The year will be divided into two semesters with a report card being distributed at the end of each semester. 

*Please read through the letter and packet from Mrs. Erickson with more information. *


Students will be given the opportunity to complete their work in class.  If your student chooses not to complete their work in school, they will need to finish it at home.

Students should be reading a novel for about 20 minutes per night. We understand that some nights are busier than others!  They will be required to have weekly check-ins about their silent reading books with their teacher as well as complete assignments using their book. 



Each student will receive a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year that they will be responsible for all year. Their Chromebook is where they will complete assignments and other activities within the classroom. The Chromebooks will not be sent home. We will review the Chromebook expectations in our classroom and they are expected to follow the school’s technology policy. Parents and students will receive a copy of the handbook to sign and return.

Misuse of a Chromebook will result in the student losing privileges for an amount of time determined by the teachers. They will be able to access assignments but not the Internet. 


Field Trips:

Field trips will be scheduled throughout the school year. The field trips will go along with the knowledge and skills we are working on in our classroom. The dates and times for field trips will be communicated through email. 

**Save The Date!!** Breckenridge School has gone on a trip to St. Paul to the state capitol for many years. The date for our field trip will be May 22, 2020. We leave early in the morning (usually around 5:15 am) and will return in the evening (usually around 8:00 pm). 

Birthday/ Celebrations:

Treats for birthdays or celebrations are welcome. Please bring enough for all 47 students. Please follow the school’s policy by only bringing store bought treats.


Cell Phones:

Students are prohibited from using cell phones and other electronic devices from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Students also are prohibited from using a cell phone or other electronic device to engage in conduct prohibited by school district policies including, but not limited to, cheating, bullying, harassment, etc. If the school district has a reasonable suspicion that a student has violated a school rule or law by use of a cell phone or other electronic device, the school district may search the device. The search of the device will be reasonably related in scope to the circumstances justifying the search. Students who use an electronic device during the school day and/or in violation of school district policies may be subject to confiscation of the phone by school staff. Repeat offenders may be required to have parents/guardians personally pick up the confiscated phone. In addition, a student’s cell phone or electronic device, if applicable, may be turned over to law enforcement.


Students are to report either to their lockers (or to the cafeteria for a hot breakfast) between 8:00 am and 8:20 am. Cold breakfast options will be available in the hallway by their lockers. Students will put their belongings away, get breakfast from the cart, and sit in the hallway. Students are not to enter the classroom at this time. 


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