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Welcome to Studio 5!

We are excited to begin a new school year with your student!  Studio 5 was established in 2016, and our students have experienced tremendous growth, both academically and socially, in our learning studio.  We may be contacted at the elementary school at 218-643-6681 ex. 4253 or by email at if you have any questions about Studio 5.

Classroom Expectations
Your student will have two teachers this year.  We co-teach throughout the school day, which means we teach lessons together to the whole group.  We also sometimes divide the students into smaller groups in order to meet students’ needs more effectively.  Even though all the fifth-grade students are in one classroom, our classroom is still very structured, well-managed, and students know what they are expected to do at all times.

Students in Studio 5 will be expected to fully participate in individualized and project-based learning.  There is still a great deal of individual work, but we also emphasize teamwork. Students will learn to collaborate, cooperate, and communicate with others effectively in order to solve problems--both academic and social.  Students not meeting our high expectations will receive individualized attention and assistance so they may learn, grow, and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful and contributing member of the class. 

Assessment Policy
Your student will complete standards-based assessments.  Students will be given ample time to learn and practice a skill before being assessed.  We will only assess individual work; we do not assess group work. Report cards will be distributed at the end of each term and will be a standards-based report card.


Homework Expectations

Students will have a weekly homework assignment.  This assignment will be brought home on the first day of the week and is due on the last day of the week.  The reason behind having a weekly homework assignment is to build students’ responsibility.  Homework assignments will be related to what we are learning in school and will be tasks that are achievable for all.  

We also strongly encourage the practice of reading daily at home.  Students should read for at least 20 minutes on at least 5 nights per week.  In addition, please make sure your student has the multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 memorized.  We will use the multiplication facts daily in 5th grade math.

Curriculum Overview
Math--Students will participate in challenging math activities during school to develop a deeper understanding of core math concepts.

Reading/Language Arts--Students will participate in book studies, small group discussions, and project-based learning to increase reading and writing skills.

Science/Social Studies--Through project-based learning, students will participate in high-interest science and social studies projects.  Themes included throughout the year will be: plant and animal structures, force and motion, Earth’s resources, immigration, the American Revolution, and the US government.

Field Trips
Field trips will be scheduled throughout the year to correlate with our curriculum.  Dates and times of the field trips will be shared with families ahead of time. The field trips we will take this year are very educational in nature.  Therefore, we generally will not ask for parent volunteers for our field trips. We do invite parents in for some of our project presentations, so be sure to attend those events instead!

Each child will be assigned a Chromebook to use for assignments in the classroom. The chromebooks will not be sent home. Students will be instructed on the proper use of the Chromebooks and will need to follow the school’s technology policy.

About Us
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