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Athletic Training Rules/Guidelines for Student Athletes

Sports Medicine Guidelines for Student-Athletes
  1. Report all injuries to the Athletic Trainer and your coach as soon as possible. The Athletic trainer will determine if participation is appropriate.
  1. Any athlete unable to complete a practice due to injury will be required to obtain clearance from the Athletic Trainer before returning to play.
  1.  Athletes unable to compete due to injury will be given alternate conditioning and rehabilitation exercises. And will report to the Athletic Training Room daily for these sessions.
  1. Rehabilitation sessions scheduled with the Athletic Trainer must be kept. Missed sessions will be reported to the coaching staff. Make-up sessions will be scheduled at the convenience of the Athletic Trainer.
  1. Except in an emergency, all athletes should notify the Athletic Trainer before seeing a doctor for sports related injuries and illness. Proper Medical forms should be picked up in advance of your appointment. A signed medical clearance on athletic department forms will be required before returning to participation.
  1. The Athletic Trainer may continue to hold out an athlete that has been cleared by a doctor when such action will result in a faster/safer return to full competition.
  1. Athletes wanting to be taped on a daily basis must be evaluated by the Athletic Trainer and a need for taping established. Athletes being taped daily will perform rehabilitation exercises if they want to continue to be taped.
  1. Athletic Trainer may discontinue taping or rehab exercise based on injury progression or athlete needs.
  1. The Athletic Training Room is a medical facility, and should be treated as such. Proper behavior, attire, and language will be required at all times. Failure to follow these standards will result in removal from the Athletic Training Room
  1. The Athletic Training Room is equal opportunity….first come first served with priority given to athletes based on practice start times or athletes that may be traveling with final consideration to practice/competition status.
  1. Athletic Training Room will not be used as an excuse for being late to practice.  It is the student athlete’s responsibility to get to Athletic Training Room with enough time to complete any care that is required for practice.  If you do not manage your time properly you may be unable to receive care prior to practice, athletes that routinely miss pre-practice care will be reported to coaching staff.
  1. All athletes will sign in for all services received in the Athletic Training Room, examples are taping, modality treatments, and rehabilitation.  Athletes will not be treated if they are not signing in.
  1. No cell phone use in the Athletic Training Room.  Use of headphones is also limited, volume must be at a reasonable level, and use must not distract from the treatment/rehabilitation session  
  1. No athletes will be allowed to take supplies from cabinets, drawers, kits or trunks, if a supply is not on the taping station you need to ask for assistance
  1. Athletes should leave all equipment, books, and coats in locker room
  1. Athletes will not place shoes on tables, chairs, or countertops
  1. Training room towels will not be allowed to leave the Training Room. Athletes are responsible for bringing their own towel for whirlpool treatments.
  1. Athletes will not be taped on practice or game field/court. Taping/ wound care should be done in the Athletic Training Room before practice or contests.
  1. Modality treatments are given as part of treatment protocol or by physician orders. The Head Athletic Trainer will determine which treatments are appropriate, and necessary. 

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