About Valley Lake

The Valley-Lake Boy's Home, Inc. is a private non-profit residential treatment facility that was started in 1975. This facility provides 24 hour supervision and programming for boys aged 12 to 18 with behavior problems and/or delinquency issues. Boys sent to this facility learn to control their impulsive, sometimes violent, behaviors. The home is a place where boys learn to respect themselves and others. The Valley-Lake Boy's Home strives to create an environment that encourages young men to accept responsibility for their actions and demonstrate that they are able to make positive life choices. The facility is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors from the Breckenridge, MN area who volunteer their services.

The Valley-Lake Boy's Home, Inc. is a member of the Minnesota Council of Child Care Agencies (MCCCA). A professional asssociation of therapeutic providers, MCCCA is a leading voice in maintaining and strengthening high quality care and treatment for Minnesota's emotional troubled children, children with behavior problems, and their families.