Greetings and welcome to Breckenridge High School! 

You've Made the Right Choice!

I am so glad to be part of Breckenridge High School. Since I moved to the community, I have found that BHS has a strong history rooted in the Breckenridge School District.  BHS has a long and proud tradition of high expectations and high standards.  I've found our staff is committed to providing a strong educational program that allows students to grow.  We offer a wide variety of academics, activities, and athletics. It is my goal to add to the work of creating a nurturing, safe and welcoming environment for our students and their families.  I encourage family evolvement and want to work together with you to provide the best educational experiences for your children. 
Should unique situations arise, BHS staff will do their best to make positive decisions based on the information at hand. 
I look forward to the exciting days yet to come with the many activities that show learning.  Student growth, safety, and success is very important to me.  Thank you for choosing BHS and the Breckenridge Public School District. 

Go Cowboys & Cowgirls!
Kim Quast
High School Counselor