Miriam Tobola
Technology Integrationist

A bit about me...

I taught art at Northern Cass School in Hunter, ND for 14 years. Prior to coming to the Breckenridge school district, I was working as a technology integration specialist for West Fargo Public Schools.

I live in Fargo with my husband, Cloy. He works for NDSCS. I have a daughter and son-in-law who live in Fargo and have the most adorable little boy, Asher...not that this grandma is biased!

Not only do I enjoy all things art (drawing, painting, etc.), I love to travel, spend time at the lake, kayak, and go horseback riding.

I have been involved with school technology for over a decade and find the possibilities of engaging students through the use of technology to be exciting and fun.

I have started a blog for our staff to provide resources, tips, and tricks for several different technology tools. Feel free to explore the blog at: